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Water Reclamation Specialists

Global Industrial Water is an original equipment manufacturer of industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment solutions. Our focus is on treating, restoring, reclaiming and purifying water in high-risk industrial environments.

Our world-class engineers and water reclamation specialists supervise every site deployment from initial bid and document specifications through production, development, installation and on-site training. We stand by our solutions, and can maintain your plant and insure that your facility continues to adhere to local government specifications.

With offices on four continents, Global Industrial Water has the resources to deploy comprehensive, cost-effective industrial water treatment, purification and reclamation solutions for industrial sites around the world. We offer scaleable soft water and R/O systems custom designed to suit your individual needs and requirements. As water reclamation specialists, our dedication to excellent service, innovative technology, and exacting engineering combine to achieve one purpose.

Our Specialization

Within industrial water treatment we offer a total solution framework large enough for any endeavor, yet configurable for individual scenarios and outcomes. A partnership with Global Industrial Water ensures sustainable management through out.

Water Treatment Technology

  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Membrane technology
  • Biocide Generation
  • Deaeration

Mooring &Transfer

Marine Design